Front-end Developer, Rotterdam

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Front-end Developer

Full-time · 40h · Rotterdam

Label A is looking for a Front-end developer! Within this role, you get 'the best of both worlds': all perks of working at a digital agency and the chance to work with applications that are used by thousands of people.

Within the Front-end team, the main focus lies on innovation and stability, developing innovative digital products that stay online for at least five years. During the monthly syncs, the whole team comes together to update and to learn from each other. Besides working on projects for our clients such as Greenwheels, Check and Rocycle, you will get time to learn new techniques, and the sync is the perfect moment to share with the rest.

What are you going to do?

A typical day will start with a stand-up, where every member of your Scrum team shares what they've been doing and what they are going to do. As a digital agency, we work for different clients, so lots of variety! We work with self-organizing, multidisciplinary teams consisting mostly of other Label A colleagues, but sometimes you will work with external developers or designers.

Tools & Frameworks 

  • React
  • Typescript 
  • Javascript ES6 features
  • React Hooks and Context
  • Styled-Components
  • Redux
  • Next.js
  • React Native

Besides these techniques, you will get time to look into new ones and try to challenge yourself and the team to keep innovating.

Your specs:

  • You have at least 2 years of work experience (or less, if you think you have the skills of a medior developer);
  • You have experience with React and bonus points if you also have experience with TypeScript and/or React Native;
  • You have good communicational skills and a positive mindset.

Do you think you got what it takes to be our new A-player? Apply! We would love to talk to you. 

What do we offer you?

Of course, we offer the ‘obvious perks’:

  • 27 vacation days;
  • Pension contribution, on top of your salary;
  • Profit sharing per quarter;
  • Full travel allowance and lunch if you work in the office;
  • New MacBook;
  • Flexible working hours and hybrid working;
  • An office in the center of Amsterdam and one with the best view in Rotterdam.
  • To make sure you can work conformable at home, an annual amount to spend on your home office;
  • An annual budget for training & development;
  • And a monthly budget for well-being (to be used for e.g. sports subscriptions or massages).

In addition to all this, you will become part of our awesome team. Label A is a place where you can develop yourself, both professionally and personally. We do lots of fun things during and after work, like our annual BBQ and all kinds of fun (online) activities. You can read more about how we roll below, or we'll tell you all about it during your first job interview! 

Ready to join?

Awesome! Click 'apply now' and leave your application. The more you tell about yourself, the better.

You'll receive a reply within 24 hours, and we hope to have you on board as soon as possible. The application process will take no more than two video calls via Google Meet and a technical assignment. You could be sitting behind your new MacBook within a month if your current boss agrees, of course!

Want to know more about the job opening? Or more about the company? Freya is the go-to woman for all your questions. Well, not all your questions, but you get our point.

Send her a message on Whatsapp or call her at: 0646177390
Prefer to email her? Mail to:

* Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

How We Roll 💚

We work hard and take our work very seriously. Everything we make has to work well, be reliable and look good. You are an important link in this. These can be projects for large clients with which we reach many people, such as Porsche and Swapfiets. But we also work for small start-ups that we think are cool. No matter how busy we are, there is always room for fun. Work hard, play hard! What can you expect?

Everyone is part of the Label A-team! Even though we have offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we are all one big team with 60+ A-players. We look out for each other: why work 4 hours overtime if you can get the job done in time with the four of you? We want you to grow within your role and as a person. Therefore you will receive training and coaching from the start.

After work, we like to stay a bit longer to play games or try new sports together. We also regularly organize internal events, such as the Table A Cooking Club and Game Nights. Do you have something new in mind? There are always people who want to join you!

Label A x COVID-19
Look out for each other is one of our core values. This is even more important in this day and age. We follow all the RIVM guidelines, and since everyone mainly works from home, our entire recruitment process takes place online. Measures have been taken at both offices to still give you a warm welcome from a safe distance.

27 vacation days

5 days power break

Flexible working hours & hybride working

Full travel reimbursement



Budget for personal development

Free lunch & fruits

Label A trip

Monthly well-being budget