Systeembeheerder 40u, Amsterdam

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System Administrator 40hrs, Amsterdam


As a System Administrator at Label A, you will learn everything that is to know about Linux (Ubuntu) and how to automate processes. Because why do everything manually when it can be done automatically?

Your tasks are very diverse. For starters, you will learn how to set up Linux servers, how to monitor them and keep them ‘up and running.’ Additionally, you will get the chance to get your AWS SysOps certificate. One of your other tasks is to make sure that a new colleague can start immediately in their new working environment. Besides this all, there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with new technologies.

You are always there to help everyone. You make time when a server is down, for a technical question, but also when a colleague forgot his password. Together with your colleagues, you are responsible for keeping everything running smoothly! 

Who We Roll For

Everything make must simply work well, be reliable and look fancy. You’ll play an important role in this process. We only build great things for clients that make us ‘wow’. This could be clients with a rich audience, such as Porsche, Greenwheels, Swapfiets and Apollo Hotels, but also small start-ups that impress us.

Besides that, we don’t simply build what the clients asks us to. If we think an idea is dull, we’ll put our heads together to improve it. Our projects need to be challenging and we should be proud of what we have build when it ends. Only then you get passionated colleagues.

Your specs

You will get the chance to grow from a System Administrator to a real Cloud Engineer. That means learning everything about Linux, Ubuntu, Bash scripting and Puppet / Ansible. Moreover, You are going to help to lift the Monitoring Systems to a higher level and are going to work with virtualization techniques (Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, VMWare).

Don’t have a clue about what everything is and how it works? No problem! We are looking for someone that is motivated to learn, and who is not scared to ask for help or to experiment.

This is what we hope to find:

  • You have experience via your education, internship or previous working experience
  • You have an affinity with Open Source Software
  • You are flexible and always alert, so you can intervene in incidents
  • You have strong communication skills

Bonus Points if you know:

  • Python, because our developers use that coding language
  • MacOS, because we mostly work with Apple products 

How We Roll

A picture says more than a thousand words, but a video says even more. Of course, we work hard. We build cool things, absolutely. But we also make time for other fun activities, such as:

  • Hackathons
  • Dev Days
  • Workshops and theme months
  • Game things (in our game corner)
  • Going out together
  • Sporting days
  • Cool trips!

Weekly meetings to get up to date on the newest techniques and project

And if you come up with something yourself, you’ll always find people that will join you. Everyone is part of the Label A family and you’re part of that as well. We’re there for each other. Why work 4 hours extra to finish the job if you could finish it on time with the 4 of you. We don’t have managers or directors so you can think and act freely (and you don’t have to account for a non-technical management, makes sense right?)

The Team

70+ developers and designers, spread out over two offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. A quite mixed group of people with hobbies that lie lightyears away from each other. And that’s what we like. We are your colleagues -front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile developers and designers- with whom you’ll be working with, with whom you’ll be building astonishing Android apps and with whom you’ll be spending 8 hours a day together. This makes it even more important that you’ll feel like home. And believe it or not, you will!

Come and get it

Working at Label A has quite a lot of perks.

  • Complete coverage of your travel expenses
  • 25 time off days
  • Colleagues that do their work with sincere passion
  • Opportunities to grow and to discover the newest technologies
  • Cool and challenging projects for amazing companies
  • Visits to Hackathons and conferences
  • The equipment you need ánd the newest devices and gadgets to test with
  • Free extensive lunch and unlimited fruit
  • Seat-massage and an office Porsche Boxster
  • Beautiful offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Friday drinks and team activities

Want to join?!

Epic! We’d love to get in contact with you. Send your application now via the button or contact Freya. You can send her an email to or call her on +31646177390.

Are you just really curious to how we work? Don’t hesitate and pay us a visit! Also after office hours.

Our process

  1. Reply here through Homerun
  2. You will get a reply within 24 hours
  3. We'll meet up within two days
  4. If the conversation was nice you'll get a test assignment
  5. We will call you within 12 hours after receiving your assignment with the good news
  6. Within a month you'll sit behind a new MacBook (if your current employer allows it, of course)